Training, exercise and scenarios

Training, exercise and scenarios


Training on evacuation procedures →

The training of supervisory staff, contained in the evacuation flowchart, is required during the implantation or update of a fire safety plan according to the standard C.N.P.I. Learn more

Training on emergency measures for seniors →

Training for your residents on procedures to be followed during an evacuation in accordance with the “Supplement to the Handbook on the prevention of fire” including the evacuation of the residences. Learn more

Training on the handling of portable fire extinguishers →

Interactive training on the use of portable extinguishers on real fire is an advantage for the safety of your staff in the outbreak of a fire. Learn more

First response team training →

The training dedicated to your first response team is essential when you want to manage your interventions internally. The establishment of a first response team is mandatory in all buildings having a double signal fire alarm system. Learn more

Emergency scenario →

Emergency scenarios are beneficial to your employees because they allow integrating the theoretical training on your fire safety plan and emergency measure in more concrete terms. Learn more

Fire Drill →

The evacuation exercise is required in all buildings. This obligation is part of the requirements of the national Code of fire according to section 2.8.3. Learn more