Emergency measures planning

Emergency measures planning


Fire safety and emergency measures plan →

The fire safety and emergency measures plan is a combined document, instructing occupants on prevention activities and organization following an incident at early intervention stage. Learn more

Crisis management plan →

The crisis management plan includes procedures as well as all internal and external infrastructure of the site that will be used in the event of a major emergency that will endanger people or the environment. The crisis management plan must be deployed after the fire safety and emergency measures plan. Learn more

Risk analysis →

The risk analysis is an undeniable advantage in the assessment process relatively to the conformity of the premises. The resulting report serves to develop a list of priorities to follow the regulations in force. Learn more

Study of vulnerability →

The study presents the vulnerabilities to which the site is exposed, and allows identifying both internal and external risks that may affect it. Learn more

Analysis of dispersion of ammonia

The analysis of the dispersion of ammonia is an add-on to your fire safety and emergency plan as suggested in standard CAN/CSA Z-731.

Environmental emergency plan (EEP)

The environmental emergency plan is an essential document for your organization in order to be well prepared for any eventuality regarding this specific risk. This plan will be consistent with the laws and regulations in force such as «mining and metals effluent regulations» and the environmental emergency regulations.

Safety plan

The safety plan is a document informing stakeholders of the safety of a building in the good practice in relation to the expectations of the management.