Displays and plans

Displays and plans


Evacuation plan →

An evacuation plan is a display informing the occupants of a building of the measures to be taken in case of an emergency evacuation. It serves to the orientation of the firefighters in case of an intervention. We must find at least one evacuation plan by ‘floor area’ under the National Code of fire article Learn more

Displays showing areas protected by sprinkler systems →

An 11″ x 17″ display to identify the zones protected by each sprinkler system. These displays are very useful for your municipal fire department in the event of a fire. Learn more

Memento →

A document allowing quick access to the emergency procedures in place simplifying the task of the Coordinator. Learn more

Gathering point, Siamese, directions and more →

Various displays to identify your point of gathering, identification of the siamese connectors and other components are available. Learn more