Clients and testimonials

Clients and testimonials

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Meeting Facility (Group A) →

A meeting facility is a building used by people gathered to engage in civic, political, tourist, religious, social, educational, recreational or similar activities, or to consume foods and/or drinks. Learn more

Detention, treatment or care facility (Group B) →

This group of buildings houses individuals who, because of their physical or mental condition, require care or medical treatment and where accommodation is available, or residents who, because of security measures beyond their control, are unable to evacuate by themselves to a place safe. Learn more

Housing and residence for seniors (Group C) →

A dwelling is considered as a building where people can sleep, without being hosted or interned for care or treatment, and without being detained. In a residence for elderly, occupants can receive medical care. Learn more

Business establishment (Group D) →

A business establishment is a building used for the conduct of the business or the providing of personal or professional services. Learn more

Commercial establishment (Group E) →

A commercial establishment is a building used for display or sale of goods or commodities at retail. Learn more

Industrial facility (Group F) →

An industrial facility is a building used for the assembly, manufacturing, manufacturing, processing, repair or storage of products or materials. Divided into three categories according to their content, low risk (F – 3), medium risk (F-2) and high risk (F-1). Learn more